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Gary Coughlan – Fernite Customer Service

What do you like about Fernite?  

Fernite has a long history of manufacturing in Sheffield. It’s great to be involved in a British manufacturing Company especially one that has the history but also embraces a modern approach. There is a drive to improve manufacturing processes and introduce efficiencies with a  determination to exceed customers’ expectations. When you work for a company that puts the customer at the heart of its decisions it becomes both rewarding and enjoyable to be a part of it.

I’m delighted to have recently become a part of the Fernite story and look forward to contributing to the Fernite success over many more years. Fernite not only feels like a family business but it genuinely values the contributions of its employees and that’s really important.

What is your favourite quote? 

A man with sad face should not open a shop.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I enjoy a family holiday in St Ives, Cornwall.  I have omitted the word relaxing because I have two young boys so relaxing doesn’t happen.  What we do instead is have a lot of fun – body boarding, swimming and even the odd game of bingo with a pint.

Which super-hero would you like to be and why? 

Super Ted.  I’d take on Pistol Pete and give him a taste of what for.

If you could pick anything to be really good at what would it be?

Picking lottery numbers or a good horse.  But really I would pick being a really good person, father and husband.

What is your favourite day trip ?  

I like a day at the races with my wife or a camping trip with the whole family.

What are your hobbies & a bit about them?   

I love watching my boy play football.  I follow my local football team too.  Apart from that I love most international sports especially cricket, rugby, formula 1 and football.

A perfect Sunday is a bottle of red, a roast dinner and formula 1 on the box (now a flat screen).

What is your favourite drink?  

I enjoy Penderyn whisky.   Penderyn Distillery produces award winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills of the magnificent Brecon Beacons in South Wales.

What do you dream of?  

Apart from winning the lottery?  I don’t dream my days away.  I live life.

What things do you like?  

Nice people, a fine whisky, a game Texas hold em, watching my boys grow up.

What do you dislike? 

Negativity in all its shapes and forms. And garden peas.