Granulator Blades


If you’re looking for a granulator blades manufacturer who can give you maximum precision, reliability, quality and value, then you’ve come to the right place.

Fernite of Sheffield is a specialist machine blade manufacturer which has accumulated nearly two centuries of expertise, insight and experience in crafting the finest steel blades on the world market. Today, Fernite combines its long heritage with advanced technologies to deliver excellent quality matched with superb cost-efficiencies.

Under our A. F. Whiteley brand, we provide the plastics and recycling industries with premium quality, high performance granulator blades and a regular, reliable blade regrinding service.

Unrivalled Granulator Blade Manufacturing

We manufacture our granulator blades using top quality, fully traceable steel from European mills.

Fernite never imports from low-cost economies, so you can be confident that the steel in every Fernite blade is the best you can get. Price is important too, of course, and while you may well find granulator blades at a cheaper purchase cost, our quality Fernite blades will give you the best possible value and cost-efficiency.

We understand very well that downtime is a major issue in production and processing plants and that losing time can create huge expense. That’s why as a customer-focused granulator blades manufacturer we not only produce great quality, reliable blades, we also keep lead times as short as possible.

Although we supply granulator blades ex-stock for a huge variety of machines, we’re equally happy to design and produce custom blades to your own specifications. Should you wish to talk to an expert granulator blade manufacturer about the blades you need, simply call our helpful team here at Fernite of Sheffield and we’ll be glad to give you all the information, support and advice you might need.

Having Fernite of Sheffield as your trusted granulator blades manufacturer means that you get the very best service and value on the market.

For help, advice or to place an order, email us at or call our friendly team on +44 (0) 114 244 0527.