Precision ground cardboard cutting blades for a clean, perfect cut

Cardboard cutting knives for all machine types, cardboard thicknesses and sizes, manufactured by Fernite Machine Knives in Sheffield, UK.

Fernite can supply precision ground machine knives for cutting cardboard of all sizes and thicknesses.

For the packaging and paper industries, cardboard cutting blades are a small but essential part of your production process. Worn or poorly performing blades can result in a poor quality finish and expensive machine downtime.

If you’re looking to cut a specific size, shape or thickness of cardboard, or if you’re looking to extend blade life or improve cutting performance, Fernite can help.

Advanced grinding technology delivers a high quality cutting edge

Our advanced grinding technology gives a high quality cutting edge to each cardboard cutting knife, ensuring a clean, perfect cut every time.

We’ll work with you to develop a knife to suit your exact requirements. With access to the highest quality European steel and the capability to grind cutting edges to precise specifications, Fernite are your ideal partner to solve your cardboard cutting issues.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and easy to deal with – and with decades of experience in the machine knife industry, our team are always happy to offer advice and suggestions on how to improve cutting performance. If you’re looking for a cardboard cutting machine knife to improve your production process, just get in touch.


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